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Recently saw that Pharrell is trying to get 10 No. 1 hits in a year. I don't think this latest single by Cassius is going to get him one of those 10 coveted number ones, but its a pretty good track regardless.

Should also mention that I'm a big N.E.R.D fan, but was unimpressed with Pharrell's solo album In My Mind, which I found to be a disaster. Thought it was impossible for a Kanye/Pharrell teamup to sound bad but the track "Number One" proved me wrong.

The track is from the forthcoming 15 Again album by Cassius out Sept. 11th. The song is a post apocalyptic view of Earth after it has been destroyed and overrun by robots.

Mp3: Cassius feat. Pharrell - "Eye Water"

Pre-order: Cassius's 15 Again here.

1 interested person(s)

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