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AIDS toll may reach 100 million in Africa

Cuts in funding, pharmaceutical company price gouging, ridiculous advocating of abstinence and fidelity as crucial tools against AIDS policy is only worsening the problem. 100 million people dead. Unbelievable and incomprehensible.

Link: The Orphaned Continent (BBC News)
Help: Aids Foundation South Africa

Bush Calls for an Amendment Banning Same-Sex Nuptials

Looks like Bush isn't going to be able to drum up another war in time for this new election cycle (there is always hope for something with Iran right?) and his low poll numbers need him to drum up some support. What better than to appeal to the religiously blinded ultra-radical right wingers with some good old homophobia and gay-bashing. Yep its a new election cycle and a new chance to get out that Anti-Gay Marriage vote. Helped him beat Kerry, should help his party rally support again.

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