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Barry Rosen was a former U.S. embassy official and one of the hostages held in Tehran in 1979. Rosen doesn't believe resorting to military measures is a fruitful way of dealing with Iran's nuclear program. This is the second of two commentaries this week about Iran's nuclear program.

Listen: Respect Beats Confrontation as an Iran Strategy (3:59 mins)

Rosen gives some of the best advice I have heard and you can't say its not coming from an informed place given his circumstances. A must hear for anyone interested in the evolving relations with Iran and nuclear energy.

Links: China, Russia Join Deal on Iran (Los Angeles Times)

1 interested person(s)

christine said... @ 6/04/2006 03:53:00 PM

DUDE - new stones throw podcast is tight. j rocc is my GOD!

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