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Well I am sure they are passing these out to everyone but I have been hit up "with an exclusive Zero 7 MP3 off of their upcoming album "The Garden" due out on June 6th."

Pretty cool. I featured the Zero 7 track Futures earlier which is fantastic. This is Jose and Zero linking up again for a track called "Left Behind." Check it out and thanks Sonya for the tip.

Mp3: Zero 7 feat. Jose Gonzalez - "Left Behind"

Get that official word here:
http://www.zero7.co.uk/ and http://www.myspace.com/zero7official

Track listing is SOLID: 1. Futures (feat. José González) 2. Throw It All Away (feat. Sia Furler) 3. Seeing Things 4. The Pageant of the Bizarre (feat. Sia Furler) 5. You're My Flame (feat. Sia Furler) 6. Left Behind (feat. José González) 7. Today (feat. José González) 8. This Fine Social Scene (feat. Sia Furler) 9. Your Place 10. If I Can't Have You (feat. Sia Furler) 11. Crosses (feat. José González) 12. Waiting To Die (feat. Sia Furler)

In other News--Analog Giant is making the transition and so far successfully to AnalogGiant.com so I am looking forward to being word pressed with all the fixings.

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