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Man I am bummin after a day like today. Just one of those days where things don't seem to shake out like you want. Nothing life threatening or anything, but I lost my iPod Nano someplace or it got stolen not sure which. Walked the dog at lunch threw it in my bag walked to work left the bag in my office grabbed some slices with a buddy then came back and noticed that the top zipper of the bag was open. No Nano. No clue where it went.

Big ole damn. Maybe it will turn up, maybe it won't, not much I can do about it now. Hopefully it just flopped onto the street and somebody will turn it in. I did find a wallet in the locker room yesterday and turned it it so maybe I have some good karma coming my direction.

Its not really the loss of the iPod that upsets me its more the realization of my stupidity for losing track of something like that. Anyways went to play some catch after work to get the ole arm in shape for some softball league this summer. During catch my glove slowly rips to pieces with lace after lace breaking. Might be able to fix it, might not who knows.

On the upside couple good things did happen I got my final edits for my masters thesis back (thanks to my little sister Mo), was killing with my jumper in shoot around at the park, had a record night in my office fantasy baseball league last night, and got on a softball team for the summer.

So as they say look on the brightside. I will still need to replace that Nano at some juncture the thing was huge when it came to working out. If anyone has suggestions on ways to go for a mini-mp3 player that is good for working out let me know. Alright enough of the sad story next post will be about music.

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jds said... @ 4/20/2006 01:07:00 PM

You know what I say about the Mp3 players - 3.99 or bust.

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