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DFA or Death from Above is made up of Tim Goldsworthy and James Murphy a production team that became known in the early 2000s for delivering a raw, thick sound steeped in post-punk and other movements that crested in the early '80s. Trademark production work and a series of low-key releases on their own DFA label in 2002 gained them a steadily developed word-of-mouth fan base.

Prior to working together Goldsworthy had worked most notably alongside James Lavelle. The two met in New York in 1999 while working on David Holmes' Bow Down to the Exit Sign (a ridiculous album that is a must own). Goldsworthy was programming for Holmes and Murphy was an engineer at the NY studio. Shortly after Goldsworthy and Murphy joined forces. I have already featured a DFA Remix of N*E*R*D* check out some of these others. They definitely know whats up.

Mp3: LCD Soundsystem - "Beat Connection" (DFA Disco Dub Version)
Mp3: The Rapture - "Sister Savior" (DFA dub)
Mp3: Unkle - "In A State" (DFA Remix)
Mp3: j.o.y. - "Sunplus" (DFA Remix)

Get your grubby little hands on some of these records.
Buy: Dfa Remixes: Chapter 1 (Rmxs)
Buy: Dfa Holiday Mix 2005
Buy: Dfa Compilation #1
Buy: Dfa Compilation 2

Source material: AMG's Profile of The DFA by Andy Kellman

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