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First off Jamie Hewlett's art blows my mind ever time I see a Gorillaz video, art, promos etc. etc. The guy has serious game. Amazing stuff.

The fourth single to be taken from Gorillaz' multi-platinum second album Demon Days is double A-side Kids With Guns/El Manana, released by Parlophone on April 10th. B-sides include new track Stop The Dams, recorded with ex-Sugarcube Einar Orn's new band Ghostigital and The Reykjavik West End Brass Band, in support of the Stop The Dams campaign. Also included is an unheard demo version of album track Don't Get Lost In Heaven, and CD and 7" also carry a limited edition poster. The DVD release features contributions from the winners of Gorillaz' online talent competition Search For A Star.

El Manana takes you back to where it all began: on the floating Howel's moving castlesque-windmill island from Feel Good Inc. Set against a beautiful blue sky backdrop we see Noodle sailing through the clouds on her laputa-style floating garden. But it isn't long before the tranquility is destroyed by the arrival of two black gun ships. An all too familiar scene develops as we see the creations of mechanizeded metal and steel rip apart the floating Eden. On top of downing Noodle and the floating island? A bomb. Lesson? War sucks.

The Video is directed by Jamie Hewlett and Pete Candeland and produced by Passion Pictures, the team behind all Gorillaz' promos.

Be sure to Watch The Gorillaz's Live Webcast: Thursday April 6, 9 pm ET/6 pm PT Gorillaz will "take to the stage" for this highly anticipated live event (the five nights at the Apollo Theater in New York City sold out in one hour). Be sure to check it out.

Older tracks & a cover
Mp3: Gorillaz - "Spitting out the demons" (Feel Good Inc. Single B-Side)
Mp3: The Editors - "Feel Good Inc." (Gorillaz Cover) thx JDS

Buy Demon Days one of the best records of 2005 here or here and even here if you want.

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