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Now that I have VH1's ear and this is my "best week ever" times 2 its time to hit up some political discussions.

Well, just when you think the Republicans are done shooting themselves in the foot more stuff about the incompetence of the Bush Administration comes to light. What is new today? Looks like Scooter Libby a former top aide to Vice President Dick "Shotgun" Cheney told a federal grand jury investigating the leak of a CIA agent's identity that President Bush authorized him to disclose classified intelligence information about Iraq as a way of rebutting criticism from the agent's husband, according to court papers filed by prosecutors.

Scooter assured us that although he gave a reporter sensitive information from a secret National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) with the president's approval he did not disclose the CIA employment of Valerie Plame. Hmm...with the culture of lying that the Administration has propagated you buying this crap they are selling?

Funny how the administration is so crazed about criticizing the leaking of sensitive intelligence to the news media, and the administration has ordered investigations of leaks concerning a National Security Agency eavesdropping program and the existence of secret overseas CIA prisons. Yet on the same token they are willing to leak sensitive information in the case that it gives them a political advantage. Isn't this about national security not using sensitive information as a propaganda tool?

Just when the going is getting rough we have some ankle biting going on inside the administration. Rummy today criticized Rice for having "...a lack of understanding, at least my understanding, of what warfare is about." Thanks Rummy the spineless Democrats will take all that they can get. Looks like the toughest critics of the administrations are coming from inside the Administration. Problem is one week Donald is giving the war of ideas a D or D+ then he decides it time to tell Rice she doesn't know what she is talking about. Time to step it up opposition.

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