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Inside Man director Spike Lee sat down with Sara Vilkomerson of the New York Observer. One of the hightlights of the interview is a new documentary in the works about Hurricane Katrina. Lee also takes aim at the Bush Administration and in particular Ms. Condoleezza Rice’s prospects as a 2008 Presidential candidate.

Spike Lee:

“African-Americans will have to really, really, really, really, really, REALLY analyze the Secretary of State’s record, and get past the pigmentation of her skin,” he said. “If we do that, I don’t think we can vote for her. I’m not the spokesperson for 45 million African Americans … but that’s my right as an American citizen.” He laughed. “Hopefully, that right hasn’t been rescinded yet. I’m not going to vote for that woman. No. Way.”
As I have eluded to earlier Lee's film cannot come soon enough. Hollywood is sucking big time right now and there. Well Inside Man about a perfect and elaborately planned bank robbery with some Nazi blood money thrown in for good measure should be a pleaser.

Read the entire story here.

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