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Here is some tracks from Diplo's and fellow Hollertronix bud Tripledouble's amazing mixtape, Aeiou Vol.2. This mixtape stands up to the 2004 classic Three Sinister Syllables. This mix is a solid hour plus of rare and obscure soundtrack funk, psych, latin with overlaying and soundtrack/dialogue bites.

From Boomkat:

More open ended and flowing than 'T.S.S.' but with the same untouchable timing, selection, scratching and that ungraspable element that equals genius. Simply unmissable.

Be sure to grab this impressive mix of breaks, beats, psych and other tasty gems by the Hollertronix Philly Duo I tried to find it in stock but was unable to. Be sure to check back here and here for restocks.

Mp3: Diplo & Tripledouble - "Track 1"
Mp3: Diplo & Tripledouble - "Track 2"

1 interested person(s)

kp_jametxo said... @ 5/24/2007 07:09:00 PM

hi there! AEIOU Vol. 2 is amazong... out of this world... i can't beleive it...

I am looking desperately for some of the track names... i need to explore that music...

do you know any?

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