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The 20-year-old East London "grime" MC is remarkable. You could say that Kano's trans-Atlantic potential is off the charts. Having guested at raves and pirate radio stations for the past five years or so in the UK Kano finally landed the chance to record an album in 2005. The power of his first LP gives you a taste of how deep the talent goes.

Popmatters calls Kano "ridiculously good." Pitchfork is all about his Home Sweet Home as well, "Kano doesn't just defy the sonic tradition of grime on Home Sweet Home, he defies the tidy boxes MCs are usually plopped in upon their arrival."

His already classic "P's and Q's" was one of the best hip hop songs from last year. This kid has some serious skills. Awesome rhymes and amazing beats. Here are some tracks from his debut record, some from his mixtape and a remix to boot. Enjoy.

Mp3: Kano feat. DJ Dangermouse - "How We Move"
Mp3: Kano feat. feat. Demon & Ghetto Mob - "Mic Fight" (Remix)
Mp3: Kano - "9 to 5"
Mp3: Kano - "Remember Me"

Buy Home Sweet Home, Run the Road Vol. 1, Run the Road Vol. 2.

Bonus Mp3: Kano - "Reload it"
featuring Diplo production. You know I can't go a week without posting something Diplo right?

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