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I am planning on drafting 2 fantasy baseball teams this year. The first is in a blogger type league. The AG Allstars starters look like this after the draft:

C - J. Mauer, 1B - M. Teixeira, 3B - A. Ramírez, MI - C. Utley, MI - M. Loretta, OF - J. Gomes, OF - J. Pierre, OF - H. Matsui, Uti - Mi. Cabrera

SP - C. Zambrano, SP - J. Beckett, P - A. Burnett, P - T. Hudson, P - J. Vázquez, RP - B. Jenks, RP - M. González

B. Crosby, B. McCann, A. Benítez, C. Orvella, and E. Santana B. Webb.

I am liking how my team is looking. As always I target young players that I enjoy watching and tried to grab as many Cubs as possible. Unfortunately I missed out on my favorite players in Vlad Guerrero and Derek Lee but I was still able to get Zambrano (who I think has a legit shot at the NL Cy Young) and Pierre (who should be a monster run producer and SB at the top of the Cubs lineup). If Ramirez can stay healthy he can really bomb HRs and picking up Loretta late was big. Utley has some big upside as does Santana.

I do have some serious question marks in the pitching deparment. Beckett, Burnett, Gonzalez and Jenks could all have huge years or get hurt and fizzle. I am hoping for the former. In all I am loving this squad and felling good going into the season. Its a head to head league which I have never played so it should be intersting.

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Goose said... @ 3/24/2006 06:46:00 PM

see ya on the playin' field

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