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Classic stuff from GW and hard hitting news as always from our friends at Fox. Ohh and stay till the end cause Fox has added that they are fair, balanced, and now unafraid. Check it out.

Hume: The Shuffle. That is the name of one of the models.
Bush: Yes, the Shuffle.
Hume: Called the Shuffle.
Bush: Lightweight, and crank it on, and you shuffle the Shuffle.
Hume: So you -- it plays . . .
Bush: Put it in my pocket, got the ear things on.
Hume: So it plays them in a random order.
Bush: Yes.
Hume: So you don't know what you're going to get?
Bush: No.
Hume: But you know--
Bush: And if you don't like it, you have got your little advance button. It's pretty high-tech stuff.
Hume: . . . be good to have one of those at home, wouldn't it?
Bush: Oh?
Hume: Yes, hit the button and whatever it is that's in your head--gone.
Bush: . . . it's a bad day, just say, get out of here.
Hume: Well, that probably is pretty . . .
Bush: That works, too. (Laughter)
Hume: Yes, right.

Dan McLane?! Love that guy. Alejandro Sanz? Ohh The Angels and the Archies are just so fantastic. Too bad Public Enemy, Rage Against the Machine, Bob Dylan, Dead Prez and Woody Guthrie missed the cut. Maybe that is what he has on his na-na I mean his nano. Look for Fox to soon update their slogan to the most fair, balanced, unafraid, and my dad can beat up your dad cable news network in the universe.

3 interested person(s)

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