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Well my hometown team the Vermont Catamounts got annihilated by the Albany Great Danes, so no more Catamount magic this year. There was a great slate of games on, most didn't stay exciting till the end. BC-UNC was a great in the first half but BC ended up having too much veteran leadership and pulled away late from the young UNC team.

The 'Cuse-Pitt game while not high scoring was close and a good contest to the end. Man McNamara can play he single handedly kept 'Cuse in the Big East tournament and ultimately won it for them with big play after big play. All the post game interviews I saw he appeared to be extremely humble thanking his teammates and how they played...class act. NOT a class act however is Gerry's fellow guard Eric Devendork Devendorf. He went from one minute taking a stupid charge when 'Cuse was up 5 with time running down and getting a tongue lashing by Jim Boeheim-to acting a fool after the game, running around yelling obscenities and pulling at his jersey typical freshman stuff I suppose.

The other great game on the day was the one between Duke and Wake Forest. Wake has had a pretty miserable season mainly because they never got a guard to replace Chris Paul. Why? I have no idea they had to have know he was going NBA...so maybe they only have themselves to blame. Regardless Eric Williams of Wake Forest can play and I look for that kid to make an impact at the next level. The player I can't get enough of is Josh McRoberts of Duke. Damn. The kid is crazy he was doing one touch passes, hitting a three, and running the break all at 6'10-230. Awesome awesome stuff.

Storyline of the night? Utah State's guard Pak who is 29 years old and had spent 8 years in prison.

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