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Isiah is up to his GM shenanigans again. Ok, this is getting just about as ridiculous as the Bush Administration. Today Isiah Thomas has traded for Steve Francis. He didn't give up much in terms of talent (Trevor Ariza aka 2nd round scrub) and a geriatric Penny Hardaway. But he took on Steve Francis enormous ego, attitude and salary adding it to an already capped Knick team.

The other thing that seems so puzzling is now the Knicks have 3 ball hogs on the team in Marbury, Francis, and Rose and a dude that loves to chuck the ball up in Crawford and all of them don't play a lick of defense. He must think stockpiling selfish guards is the wave of the future.

Aside from sexually harassing women in the Knick front office what is on Isiah Thomas mind?! Its unfortunate that he couldn't include Anucha Brown-Sanders in the deal. The dude is crazy. I can't believe New Yorkers put up with this. The guy is single handily ruining the team. They traded for Quentin Richardson during the summer and now they have like 500 swingmen/shooting guards on the team. Sure they might win some games but they are going to have to put up about 300 shots in the game.

Stephon Marbury and Steve Francis are probably two of the most overrated guards in the league and now the Knicks can feel proud that they have both of them. I truly believe that Larry Brown is going to kill himself...Tomorrow if he hasn't already. Hey Isiah its time you stop worrying about getting in street fights with ESPN sports writer Bill Simmons and starting reading up on how to be a general manager.

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JT said... @ 2/22/2006 09:41:00 PM

I forget where I read it (ESPN or Deadspin), but they nailed it on the head: there are very few teams who would have one of these jackasses on their team, let alone both.

Not to mention the Magic just got lucky by dumping a huge contract and picking up a young guy and an aging Penny whose contract they'll buy out on the insanely cheap at the end of the season. Meanwhile, we seriously need a suicide watch on Larry Brown. He's gonna be skeedaddling as soon as he gets the chance.

Also, I think Isiah plays way too many video games, and has a seriously itchy trade finger. Moron. Or he's maneuvering for a Patrick Ewing Lottery Heist pt. II -- on the radar: Redick? Morrison?

Goose said... @ 2/23/2006 03:28:00 PM

I've had Franchise on my fantasy team all year long and it's killed me.

K. said... @ 2/23/2006 03:29:00 PM

Well now the knicks shall feel your pain.

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