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Did any of you see this? I love Dave and I was able to catch a bit of this interview of him on Oprah. It was extremely (and I don't use that word lightly) awkward. Dave was acting so strange. I wrote about the theory behind the end of season 3 at the beginning of this blog and maybe the conspiracy is crap but this interview didn't exactly show that. Oprah was leading him with questions and coaxing him along and at time scolding him almost. Chappelle often times would avoid eye contact.

Chappelle added that he might finish the third season if he and the network could create the proper work environment and added that he'd like to direct a portion of the shows lucrative DVD revenues to charity.

Video: Chappelle and Oprah (Part 1)
Video: Chappelle and Oprah (Part 2)
Video: Chappelle and Oprah (Part 3)

Update: Full Interview with Chappelle on Oprah (40 mins)

I am also hoping that Dave comes back to TV his comedy is edgy and it puts the issue of race front and center. Race is often a difficult subject for America to deal with but pretending its not an issue or that you are color blind is naive and frankly silly. Come back Dave Chappelle, come back. I can't handle any more drama taking place between a bunch of white people in the suburbs or some damn apartment anymore.

Video: Old School Chappelle - Killing Me Softly Stand Up (24 minutes)

Dave Chappelle says he may return to TV show by Reuters
Dave Chappelle, Comedy Central by Chicago Tribune

4 interested person(s)

Videojunkie said... @ 2/04/2006 02:27:00 AM

If you like the Chapelle stuff, you have GOT to check out the ReTV episode on iTunes called "Chocolate New Orleans" - it is an absolute scream.

The Humanity Critic said... @ 2/04/2006 01:44:00 PM

Yeah I saw it.. I don't know how I feel about his time on Oprah, but Dave had a point when he said "Who goes to Africa for medical attention"..lol I laughed my ass off..


Kevin said... @ 2/04/2006 03:04:00 PM

Saw bits of the interview. What turned me off was how Chappelle was sorta painted as the victim after he signed he megamillion dollar contract. That's hard to swallow on a certain level. Especially when he was the one threatening to leave Comedy Central. I hope he's in check mentally, but that seemed a bit much.

K. said... @ 2/05/2006 09:31:00 AM

Yeah I found that too Kevin about trying to pay the whole poor me thing after signing the 50 million contract. I also thought it was interesting he took credit for turning Comedy Central around.

True I think he definately lead its comeback to some point, but the Daily Show and South Park aren't exactly crap shows.

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