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Not sure if you have caught the Mike and Bill lounge act yet. I am hoping for "Young at heart" or maybe some "I've Got the World on A String." Not sure what Casino in Detroit these two are working. Actually they are probably in Canada since gambling isn't legal in Detroit. Loving that Pulp Fiction look Homgren is rocking.

Those rooting for Mike:
Chad (Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands), K (me), Peen (Emerald Life), Kevin (So Much Silence), JT (Feed Me Good Tunes), Colbs (Bendermenz) and Matt B. (Don't Need Anything).

Those rooting for Bill:
Cannot Be Trusted (Kiss and Ride), Erik (Can You See the Sunset from the Southside?), Goose (Veritas Lux Mea), and JDS (Lat 44.2 North).

If you are a Seahawks fan be sure to let these Steeler fans have it. Lets go Seahawks!

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