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Uhh, don't think so. Seems as though Page 2's , Skip Bayless is the latest to jump on board the Vince Young bandwagon after the upset of USC 41-38. Look, I don't doubt for one second that Young is a gifted player and leader. He is. But if you read people for the Houston Chronicle you would think hes the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Is Vince Young better then David Carr? Certainly. But, I would rather have Carr and Reggie Bush, then Carr and Young, and Rhodes/Wells in the backfield. They are screaming for Houston's native son to come home to the Texans. Ok so they draft him...then they have two first round quarterbacks. Carr is one of their 1st round quarterbacks who they have invested massive amounts of time and money. He has started 53 of the franchise's 58 games. If you draft Young you can conceivably trade Carr, but that isn't so easy just ask the Chargers about Phillip Rivers. But Bayless would say I am a fool,

"No, the Texans simply must take Young -- and trade Carr. That's the educated guess: That Carr will be paid the $8 million bonus that keeps him from becoming a free agent, then he'll be traded, possibly to Miami, hopefully for a first-round pick. Carr isn't bad. But he isn't Vince. He isn't much of a leader."

Why does the quarterback have to be the leader? Well we will save that for a later discussion. That scenario makes sense I guess because Miami desperately needs a QB. Maybe a Carr for Ricky Swap? Now that would make the Texans pretty tough. I am getting off track...Bayless calls Young, "...deceptively Jordanesque." For his ability to take over games. This is ridiculous just like Morrison isn't Bird, Young isn't Jordan.

Jordan is arguably the greatest basketball player ever and perhaps even the greatest athlete of the 20th century. Young has played college football for three years and dominates a suspect USC defense and now he is the next Jordan? Here is my main point, why must all sports writers compare players to another player? And not just another player but one that is truly great and has proven so on the highest of levels. Look Young is good, he is no Vick (who he is most often compared to), because he has more athleticism and is a pass first QB. He also is more humble and a far better leader. Vick thinks he deserves something, Young earns it.

I don't know if the Texans are going to choose Young with the first pick it makes sense really to choose either. I would go with Bush, but who am I? What I can tell you for certain though is that San Francisco is crying a very very sad song as they see the wealth of options at the number 1 slot this year and then look at what they got last year.

I would still think it will go:
1. Bush (Texans)
2. Leinart (Saints)
3. Young (Titans)

Ohh and I almost forgot, I think that the Bears should draft a Tight End with their first pick. A great recieving TE could really help out the young Bears QB's along with stretching the field out a bit for the Jones/Benson combo for next season. The top 3 TEs are Vernon Davis, Leonard Pope, and Marcedes Lewis. Davis is 6-3 the other two are 6-6+. Davis has the most physical tools. I suspect the Bears to grab him if he is around when they are on the board.

3 interested person(s)

Kevin said... @ 1/13/2006 01:34:00 PM

Nice post. I'm no NFL scout, but I'm still not sure Vince Young has a very, um, efficient throwing technique. It looks kinda goofy. Meanwhile, don't forget about Texas TE David Thomas. He had a big Rose Bowl, and he could be along the lines of a Todd Heap type of player.

Anonymous said... @ 1/13/2006 01:55:00 PM

VIncent Young will go first. Momentum and love from the entire state will fuel the Texans choice. He is the golden boy of the state. He will fill the stands and build a stronger fan base behind this relatively new team. AND their is somthing magical about him...as true chicagoan i would not dare compare him to jordan...but he has that special somthing when you watch him he makes it look too easy. Basically he makes things happen, and the player that can always gets r' done...even with all odds stacked against him is a diamond in the rough.

nico said... @ 1/13/2006 08:19:00 PM

Young's technique is bizarre, but people will ignore such things in the face of results. He won't be the NFL's first odd delivery passer and he won't be the last.

Another thing to keep in mind about Young though, he did pretty dang well against Ohio State's defense (270 yards passing, 76 rushing) and they have a much better defense than USC.

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