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Here are 12 tracks dug up from various places on the net for you to enjoy. Most all of them were tracked down from the respective label site or Insound. Check them out and enjoy.

Hip hop:
Buck 65-Centaur.mp3

Charlie Parker-Bebop (Choco and RZA Remix).mp3
Kano-P's and Q's.mp3
K-Os-Bboy Stance.mp3

Of the electronic variety:
David Axelrod-Big B Plus.mp3
Giant Robot-Best Match.mp3
Jaga-Oslo Skyline.mp3
Nobuo Uematsu-For the Reunion.mp3

Broadcast-America's Boy.mp3
Cat Power-The Greatest.mp3
Cat Power-You Are Free.mp3

I did snag the videogame track from the fellas at Feed Me Good Tunes so thanks to them and the Charlie Parker remix from So Much Silence. This week I tried to move a bit away from the solely hip-hop stuff to show that I am a man of taste and sophistication. Ok so I didn't show that, but at least you can check out some other stuff.

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