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I realize I was a bit heavy handed with the last post so here is a bit of music to lighten the mood.

1. EL-P-Collecting the Kid.mp3
2. Sixtoo-Germ.mp3
3. John Legend - Ordinary People (Illmind Remix feat. Hezekiah).mp3
4. Prince Paul-Sucker for Love.mp3

The Breakdown:
1. EL-P is hip hop at its finest. Buy Collecting the Kid here. For those that don't know EL-P is hip hop producer and a member of Company Flow. He is also owner of the Def Jux label. (Buy it sucka).
2. Next track is from Sixtoo aka Vaughn Robert Squire (above) signed to Ninja Tune is probably most noted for his production skills. He is originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada who now lives in Montreal, Quebec. You think he and Kid Koala ever get together to have a scratch off or something? I picked up Chewing On Glass and Other Miracle Cures, 2 years ago definately an album to own. The dude even has a blog! (Buy it you dig it).
3. I'll be honest I don't listen to much contemporary R&B, but I do listen to John Legend and Craig David. This is a remix from the people at Okay Player featuring Hezekiah. I don't know anything about Hezekiah so I won't pretend to. Just check out the remix, its good. John Legend's album, Lifted is one of the best of 2005 so check it out too if you haven't. (Buy it).
4. You don't know Prince Paul? Get off my blog immediately...just kidding Mom I am sorry comeback. (Buy now).

2 interested person(s)

Jon said... @ 1/23/2006 11:58:00 PM

No apologies necessary. Saw you came by my blog -- thanx. Good shit here too.

BlogRank said... @ 1/24/2006 08:53:00 AM

Gotta check these out. Thanx.

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