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Here is a couple posts and things I want to make sure don't get buried this week in blogdom. (1) A great new hip hop artist (2) top 50 list not to be missed (3) great mp3 blog mix tape.

  1. Be sure not to miss Ohmega Watts. This wholesome MC has a great sound. MOKB has a nice write up on him and offers up some great mp3s.
    Mp3: Mind Power
    Mp3: A Request
    Mp3: The Find
    Watts takes aim at the very thing I hate most about commercial hip hop, materialism. He puts skill before money and has a sound that even the non-hip hop heads will love. He has gotten some great reviews and deservedly so. Clash magazine called him, "an exciting talent has been set loose."
    Check out some of these samples of the new Ohmega Watts' The Find LP. These are straight taken from MOKB so be sure to stop by and give him some love, he even has some new graphics going on.
  2. Number deuce on the 'don't sleep list' is The Beast's 50 Most Loathsome People of 2005. Remarkable stuff going on with this list. They present the charges, the evidence, and the sentence. American justice for you this isn't France. Check out this list for some great laughs. Here is a sample from one of the most annoying people in politics, Robert Novak.
    Exhibit A: The sheer, dreadful, angler-fish ugliness of the man, which can only be explained by the gradual accumulation of several lifetimes worth of misanthropy, or possibly possession by demonic entity.
    Sentence: Finds himself chained to a desk with James Carville; figures out he's in hell only after several weeks pass without winning a single argument.
  3. The third and final item is 'The great cystsfts mixtape project' by Eric over at Can You See the Sunset From the Southside? He took submissions from readers to create a mix tape for his wife. Cool stuff and a vereclecticic mix check it out. You can download the Reader's Mix and his Wife's mix.

    That is all don't miss this stuff its great.

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