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Its NFL playoff time and let me tell you I am excited about the Bears chances of going deep into the playoffs this year. The Bears were ranked No. 29 by an ESPN pre-season poll and are now No.5 behind the Colts, Seahawks, Broncos, and Patriots. Ok so they are the 2nd highest ranked team in the NFC and I believe that if it comes down to it they can beat the Seahawks who have yet to beat a decent team. Sorry beating SF (4-12) twice, Arizona (5-11) twice, the Rams (6-10) twice, and the Titans (4-12) are not impressive wins in my view.

The Bears will draw either the Bucs (if Washington wins they play the Seahawks) or the winner of the Giants v. Panthers. We know that the Bears can beat the Bucs and the Panthers because they did it during the regular season and the Giants have been hit pretty badly in the linebacking department and look beatable. I bet the Bears defense would give young Manning a fit if they end up at Soldier field. So, however you roll the dice it looks good for us Bear fans.

While Rex might not be Jim McMahon he clearly has something that Orton did not. The energy Rex brought in his first game back was a significant improvement. If you watched the games hes played in his velocity and accuracy is a huge step up from Orton's. This team is very reminicent of the Baltimore Ravens circa 2001. The Bears have a great defense lead by a game changing linebacker, a good running game, and decent QB (I believe Rex is better than Dilfer). It also shouldn't be overlooked that Bears Coach Lovie Smith was an assistant for both Tampa Bay and St. Louis, teams that made five postseason appearances in his nine seasons there. Smith was on the staff of the 1999 Buccaneers and 2002 Rams, who won divisional playoff games and advanced to the NFC championship after bye weeks. The playoffs definately look bright for the Bears especially with the team playing its first home game at the sure to be fridged Soldier Field.

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The Humanity Critic said... @ 1/07/2006 12:42:00 PM

Ok, I know it seems that I am all over your blog, but I had to show some love to a fellow Bears fan..

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