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Poor old Dick Cheney he shows up for some downhill skiing in southern Poland on January 28th and an Auschwitz liberation ceremony breaksout. Why must people give him such a hard time? Lets breakdown Mr. Cheney's sick getup:

1. Drab olive parka, accompanied by white fur trim embroidered with his name. The embroider name is so he doesn't loose it amongst all the other hanging coats in the coats room moron!

2. A Black knit ski cap, embroidered with the words "Staff 2001." Office perk dude backoff!

3. Drab olive slacks. They match the coat damnit! you people know nothing of great style.

4. Brown hiking boots, which top off the whole outdoorsman ensemble. They also assure him a comfortable 44 mile hike back to the Krakow International Airport for his return trip fool.

Mr. Cheney got alot of grief for his outfit as he should have. Take a look at what Israeli President Moshe Katsav is wearing in the picture above. All black! That is typically what you wear when you go to a funeral/memorial event. When Cheney visited "the wall of death" at Auschwitz he wasn't wearing the parka. Most world leaders that were at the event wore hats, but they were fedoras, Stetsons or fur not a knitted ski hat. Pretty much everyone wore black-coats and its evident that Cheney had such a coat with him but chose not to wear it.

Auschwitz I, was the site of the deaths of roughly 70,000 Poles, gay men and Soviet Prisoners. Auschwitz II (Birkenau), an extermination camp was the site of the deaths of roughly 1 million Jews, 75,000 Poles, gay men and some 19,000 Roma. I know Mr. Cheney was warm but how you dress is very symbolic. He dressed like he was overseeing the unveiling of the new Snowmaster 5000 snowblower, rather than the 60 year liberation of one of the most haunting and horrific places the world has ever known. It is this drab olive outfit that gets Cheney the worst dressed and maybe the most insensitive person for 2005.

Read an article by the Washington Post, "Dick Cheney, Dressing Down."

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