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..for Re-Tooling. The amount of moves this baseball offseason is really incredible. Lets look at the main movers and shakers and the people they added of note. We will start with my favorits first.

+Pierre (OF). Cubs desperately needed a leadoff man and Pierra in my opinion is one of the best. If they can get Patterson to come around the top of the Cubs' lineup looks real good going into next season. They also fortified the bullpen which gave them troubles last season. Ohh, and Pierre needs to bring back the stach it suited him.

+Thome (1b), Konerko (1b resigned), Vazquez (SP). Looks like the White Sox are not going to lay down. Hats off to Kevin Williams, its sad to see The Duke go but Vazquez is a top notch pitcher to add to perhaps the best starting staff in all of baseball. I think losing Marte is tough because I think he's underated but the emergence of Jenks probably covers that problem.

+Delgado (1b), Wagner (RP), LoDuca (C). Another case of MLB's no salary cap ways raising its head. Flordia has a fire sale and Mets pick up some great pieces. Mets have deep pockets and are always willing to throw money at their winning problem. They welcome aboard a fantastic closer and a top notch power guy into a lineup that showed promise last season especially with the emergance of Wright a sure to be elite thirdbaseman.

Blue Jays
+Barnett (SP), Ryan (RP), Overbay (1B). Who said Canadia was a socialist minded country? They can spend with the best of them! They drop $102 million on Barnett and Ryan and get some serious flamethrowers. Who can't like Overbay the guy is from Centrailia Washington!

Red Sox
+Beckett (SP), Mota (RP), Loretta (2b), Lowell (3b), Marte (3b). Is it me or did the Red Sox steal Loretta in this deal? The Red Sox's added two great pitchers in Mota and Beckett, throw in an all-star second baseman for a backup catcher, an underachieving thirdbaseman and a great (most likley tradeable prospect) in Marte. It sometimes just doesn't seem fair.

+Soriano(2b?). The Nationals aquired Soriano from the Rangers in what I don't fully understand. Soriano in my opinion seems to be one of the games best players and getting him for Wilkerson and Sledge doesn't seem fair. But hey I don't like the Rangers and would love to see the Ex-Expos do well in DC.

ESPN has a cool thing that gives the lowdown on each trade. Its called the Offseason Scorecard. Help make sense of it all by keeping track of the signings, free agents, and trades.

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Peen said... @ 12/15/2005 08:06:00 PM

Don't for get the mariners getting Carl "I don't believe in Dinosours" Everett. The deal of the entire offseason.

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