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I missed Spoon's Gimmie Fiction album and I think I made a big mistake. From what I have listened to thus far its great. Spoon is a band from Austin, Texas that was formed in 1992 by lead singer and guitarist Britt Daniel and drummer Jim Eno.

Spoon signed with Elektra Records in 1998, but the contract was dropped soon after the band released A Series of Sneaks. In response to being dropped, Spoon released a two-song EP titled The Agony of Laffitte, referring to Elektra A&R man Ron Laffitte, and were eventually signed to Merge Records (you have to love that stick it to the man move).

I haven't checked out any albums but their latest. My favorite song from this record is "I Turn My Camera On". You can download two of my favorites below.

Spoon--"I Turn My Camera On" via Rock Insider
Spoon--"They never Got You" via Think Tank

If you like it don't be cheap and support good music by buying the album. (Buy)

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