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In not so impressive fashion the Bears beat the Packers last night 24-17. With the win the Bears secured a first round bye and home field for their first game in the playoffs. They also clinched the NFC North division with a 11-4 record. Grossman played his first entire game behind center and while his numbers weren't all that great (11-13, 166 yards, 47.8% complition, 1Td, 1INT) he threw the ball downfield much more frequently and with better velocity and accuracy then Orton.

The opening drive for the Bears was great and something I hadn't seen all season. It was Grossman leading a Bear's aerial attack (yes an aerial attack!), ultimately resulting in a 12 yard Muhammad touchdown. Probably, the most notable accomplishments was that the Bears swept the Packers for the first time since 1991 ending the Packers 3 year stranglehold on the division in the process.

All this from a team that the SI predicted would go 3-13. The Bears really proved the doubters wrong with just the right mix of defense and defiance. Once Grossman went down in the preseason the team was written off, but thanks to the defense, great coaching and the maturity of a rookie quarterback (Kyle Orton) the team was able to pull off a great season.

9 interested person(s)

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