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We were considering a move to Tumblr but are having some issue with an unknown person using analoggiant.tumblr.com. We have no way to contact them. Wanted to see if perhaps another social media type might have any ideas.

I emailed Tumblr but they have told me that without a subpoena I cannot get the person email. Anyone else any ideas? Anything is appreciated! Thank you!

4 interested person(s)

deejayres said... @ 7/27/2012 03:40:00 PM

Since you already own analoggiant.com, it doesn't necessarily matter what your tumblr address/username is. You can tell tumblr what your domain is, and that way no one will ever see __________.tumblr.com, just analoggiant.com/__________. You can poke around my tumblr at wishbeard.com if you want to see what I mean.

deejayres said... @ 7/27/2012 03:42:00 PM

Hi there,

Since it looks like you already own analoggiant.com, you can have tumblr use that as your domain, and the public would never see _________.tumblr.com, they would just see analoggiant.com/__________. I've done this with my tumblr at wishbeard.com (our tumblr username is something like wishbeardseattle) and no one ever sees wishbeardseattle, just everything at the domain wishbeard.com

K said... @ 7/28/2012 07:44:00 PM

DJ Ayres thank you for the advice and tips. Nice looking tumblr style on your blog as well. Appreciate the help. Going back and forth on bailing on blogger and moving to tumblr. I seem to change my mind daily!

Thanks again!

KW said... @ 8/10/2012 03:17:00 PM

You bough the domain, but are you hosting it anywhere besides through blogger? If you are hosting it somewhere, you have a lot more tools available to you. Let me know if you need some assistance!

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