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No clue on how I slept on all three of these glorious remixes, but it happened...and the only way I can make it right is by sharing them with the world. There's definitely a disco vibe that strings all of these together. A certain funk to be sure, but they're all brilliant in their own way. Which leads me to our first track, a remix of The Supermen Lovers from Jupiter--talented producers out of Paris who know how to strike a pose (as evidenced above)

Next up is this fantastic Hot Chip remixe from the Cryptonites. Call me old fashioned, but there's just something to the mingling of tribal groove and 80s synth.

Finally, there's this discotastic Moullinex remix of Zimmer's Looking for You. You can find this one on the Zimmer record that was released April 6th on beatport.

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