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Welcome to the weekend. Our first track is a remix off of St. Lucia's new single "We Got it Wrong." St. Lucia is not only an awesome island (go there if you can its amazing!) its a dude from Brooklyn that makes great music. The single its a proper remix treatment by London's Fin Dow-Smith aka Starsmith. Really great synth-pop here. Check it out.
St. Lucia - We Got It Wrong (Starsmith Remix) by Starsmith The third is a great track produced by our dude Ghis Poirier. Its a remix of Face-T's track "Jumbo." The track is on the Tough Like Stone record due out this month.
Face-T - Jumbo (A Tribe Called Red Remix) by Dub Avenue The final track is a remix by Croatian Mario Kolonic. Its a remix of Pyjamas' (not familiar) track "London2Brighton." Good stuff. Have a great weekend everyone!
Pyjamas - London2Brighton (Homeboy & Pytzek remix) by pytzek

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