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First thing is first I love this jam from Sorcerer. Has a great intro and build up and then just rolls with a steady baseline. Really good stuff, I think this maybe his best to date. Big fan of Sorcerer.
  Universal Vision by sorcerermusic
The next is a unbelievable remix by Mr. Falke. "Reaching Out" is guaranteed to get you dancing...unless of course you don't like Hall and Oats. That said if you don't like Hall and Oats you have larger issues...
Reaching Out (Fred Falke remix) by Fred Falke
Last but of course not least is our dude Bit Funk. Its been awhile and we totally overlook his track "A Night On the Northside." An excellent track that he has kindly made downloadable that will bring your party into high gear. What do I know about bringing a party into high gear? Admitably nothing. But seems like it would work. Anyways, have a great weekend all. Peace!
  Bit Funk - A Night On The North Side by Bit Funk
Artwork courtesy of Sorcerer's SoundCloud.

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