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It's almost too much housey goodness for one Monday to handle, but I'm willing to risk it. Here's a trio of excellent tracks for you to dig into, leading off with the latest from Les Loups. Seems like over the last year, Les Loups have really taken off--which only makes sense when you can drop tracks like this on a regular basis.

  Les Loups - Amicus (Original Mix) by Les Loups

Gabriell has long been one of our favorite Italian producers (along with, of course, Reset! and Fare Soldi). On top of the funky, freaky house vibe, there's just something a little weird about Gabriell's latest offering, "Baby Got House", which is just about perfect for me.

  Gabriell - Baby got house (Excellior Rework) by Gabriell

Last up is a cut from Philadelphia's DJ EQ. There's something about the repeating voice sample in this unbelievably rump-shakin', super-squelchy disco track that simultaneously drives me crazy and keeps me mesmerized...and I like it.

  DJ EQ - Astro (PREVIEW) by DJ EQ

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