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Stupidly busy week for me already (ahhh it's only Tuesday!), but I thought I'd post up a medley of new music from some of the artists I'm jamming out to at the moment.

First up, we've got the glorious Magic Tape Thirteen from The Magician. As he says, there's no tracklisting because a magician never reveals his tricks, but there's a whole bag full of unicorn dust sprinkled over this mix.Incredible as always.

  Magic Tape Thirteen by TheMagician

Next is a remix from one of my favorite super hero themed acts right now, The Phantom's Revenge. This time he's setting his phasers to house music. A great remix of LBCK's "Instant Party".


Finally, here's a brand new mix from a producer/DJ we featured last week here on Analog Giant, JRMX. Great new disco style mix, and the title makes me think of beer, so bonus points for that.

  LBCK - Instant Party (The Phantom's Revenge Remix) by The Phantom's Revenge

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