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Oh the weekend is here all right! Here's hoping yours is full of awesome summer plans. There won't be any danger of sunburn here in Seattle this weekend, but hey, that's the Emerald City city for you--even in mid July. We've got a nice little selection for this Music for your Weekend post, but I'm kicking it off with a fantastic summer mix from the glorious Geisha Twins.
  SoundLogik.Com [Exclusive Mixtape] by Geisha Twins
Next up is a Vostok-1 remix of Mexican producer Levantine's "Girls Funk". Despite the fact that Vostok-1 is a Spanish producer, the original Vostok 1 spacecraft carried Yuri Gagarin in the very first manned space flight. Hey, look, with all this space shuttle stuff in the news, I couldn't resist...
  Levantine - Girls Funk (Vostok-1 Remix) by Vostok-1
Rounding out today's set is an interesting sound out of Milan--it's Gabriell's remix of Magellano's "OkOk". So there's something fantastic and completely different for you.
  Magellano - OkOk (Gabriell Remix) by Gabriell

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