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Look, I'm just going to say it up front--I wanted an excuse to post stuff from Fare Soldi. They're fabulous in every possible way and we've failed at our task of reminding you of this. And then I saw today that they just opened up free downloads on their Cassa Forte track from their Casotto EP released last April. And then, well, I said to myself, why exactly did I need an excuse to catch you up on all of Fare Soldi's freaky disco goodness? So here it is, people. Plenty of amazing tracks and remixes to choose from on their main soundcloud page, along with several hours of DJ mixes. Tons of downloads, too, including that Cassa Forte track I mentioned (click through the link below to download, but don't forget to check out their album on itunes or beatport). Go on, enjoy the disco fruits of Fare Soldi.
Cassa Forte by FARE SOLDI
Beyoncè - Crazy in love (Fare Soldi "Chiapponzilla" rmx) by FARE SOLDI
Nu Shooz - I can't wait (Fare Soldi "Suono pazzo ti abbiamo in pugno" rmx) by FARE SOLDI

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