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Quick festival announcement for all my fellow midwesterners. A hip hop extravaganza of sorts is coming to Shakopee, Minnesota. I have no idea where Shankopee is but I am sure everyone is familiar with how to use Google Maps.

Soundset will be there May 29th and features Big Boi, De La Soul, Macklemore (pictured), Ryan Lewis, Blueprint, Looptroop Rockers, Atmosphere and a bunch more. It is one of the only all hip hop festivals around. Check it out.
Loving You by Macklemore
Atmosphere - She's Enough by rhymesayers
Blueprint - So Alive - Budo Remix by rhymesayers

1 interested person(s)

The Freakmaker said... @ 9/20/2011 05:23:00 PM

can't find the 'loving you' track anywhere.. But i remember it being a sick tune! have any idea where to find it?

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