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You've got to hear this cover of Phoenix's "Lisztomania" from Leeds, UK based DJ/Producer Edwin van Cleef. Vocals are deftly handled by Jane Elizabeth Hanley of Kids at Midnight. This is a guy who already won huge points with me for his masterful remix of Chilly Gonzales' "You Can Dance", one of my favorite tracks of the last year. His other remixes are definitely worth checking out, too! Nerdy fun fact: Edwin van Cleef shares a name with a rather famous World of Warcraft character. Please don't ask me how I know that.
Edwin van Cleef - Lisztomania (feat. Jane Elizabeth Hanley) by Edwin van Cleef

Bonus Van Cleef:
Chilly Gonzales - You Can Dance (Edwin Van Cleef Remix) by Edwin van Cleef
John Legend - Rolling In The Deep (Edwin van Cleef Remix) by Edwin van Cleef

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