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Typically the weekend music post is reserved for E but he is up visiting one of the greatest cities on earth (Vancouver BC) so I am going to do my best to fill in for him while he is out. I have selected a bit of an eclectic mix here. One of my favorites of the past month is Ilya Santana's track "Transborder" which came out on February 7th. This track is really awesome, love how it builds.

The next track is from a man that needs not introduction. Nice to see him more active on SoundCloud. I couldn't mention E's trip to Vancouver without mentioning our favorite Canadian DJ, Mr. U-Tern. His remix of Black Card's "Dominos" is a dancefloor filler. Check out these great tracks and have an awesome weekend.
Ilya Santana "Transborder ep" by Ilya Santana
뻑이가요 Knock Out by diplomaddecent

photo from Ed Ou of the NY Times

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