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Snow may be falling tonight here in Seattle but disco is in the air. I have a producer from Guadalajara and two producers from Milan to thank for that. Speaking of, I don't know what's gotten into Milan lately, but its inhumanly-funky residents sure know how to slap down a bassline. It's the home of Analog Giant favorite, Reset!, along with two artists featured today: Gabriell and Lebatman. Gabriell's remix of Pink is Punk's "Grand Prix" is a great example of the city's booming trade is badass basslines. I also like this "Playback" track from Lebatman--100% polyester goodness. Vostok-1 is a producer from Guadalajara, Spain that's new to me--but I like his take on this timeless Cassius classic. All three have put their tracks up free for download, so be sure to drop by and check them out.

Pink Is Punk - Grand Prix (Gabriell Remix) by Gabriell
Lebatman - Playback by Lebatman

Cassius - La Mouche (Vostok-1 Remix) by Vostok-1

Artwork by Gabriell.

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