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From Stones Throw:

"(James) Brown first discovered Tony Cook in 1973, playing at a block party for the WRDW-AM radio station he owned in his childhood hometown of Augusta, Georgia. Cook was still in high school at the time, but stayed in Brown’s sights til the early part of 1976, when Brown began to retool the J.B.s and brought Cook aboard as his new drummer. Cook would hold this position off and on for the next thirty years until Brown’s death on Christmas Day in 2006."

Drummer for The King of Soul is amazing in its own right. But ST is giving Mr. Cook a proper release of his tunes and they are pretty remarkable. This track here was recorded in the early 80s, with 2010 vocal by Dam-Funk. This is from Tony Cook's album Back to Reality out now on Stones Throw. Tony Cook - What's On Your Mind feat. Dam-Funk by stonesthrow

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