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Dilla-esque Star Slinger has a new album out that is free to download. Came across this dude while reading Pitchfork's Forkcast and his stuff is pretty cool. His record Volume 1 is available at his Bandcamp page. Check this dude out if you haven't you will not be disappointed.
Bonus remix:

3 interested person(s)

Anonymous said... @ 10/04/2010 09:40:00 PM

Talk about misrepresenting somebody, star slinger may have some dilla influenced sound but the man is coming up with an original style unlike most stuff I hear coming out lately just ripping off the late jdee. Instead of just throwing up some random beats of his try doing some research and actually promoting the man with his best work, especially the beats "Longtime" and his colabo with TEAMS "Close to me".

1984 said... @ 10/05/2010 09:02:00 AM

Brock thank you for the comments. I agree about the original style. My intention was not to say he was ripping Dilla off more about the style of the production. Maybe it was mischaracterized. Just trying to put the style in perspective or relate it. Maybe I should have let it just stand on its own. Regardless going to take your suggestion to heart and get another post up.

Thank you for the feedback. Peace.

Anonymous said... @ 10/07/2010 02:37:00 AM

Thanks for listening man hope that didnt come off as too aggresive or nothin, and if I have your ear for good music check out herobust, this dude hayden kramer from atl. He's got a song peanut blubber that kills it, a remix of shawty swing my way thatll turn on your system and a collabo called Mane Mane with C powers that produced a stellar song called skin fox. hope to hear back, cheers from west coast bc.

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