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Another gorgeous night in Seattle, another hipster-fueled inferno of french-bohemian muscle shirts and not-quite-sure-if-ironic? capri pants. But once again, the bands deliver!

Take portland-based Blitzen Trapper, for example--this is a band I've been wanting to catch live since their stellar 2008 album Furr. Man, they did not disappoint. We don't usually cover this folky flavor of music here on Analog Giant, but they're every bit worth checking out--they're like a golden, extra-hoppy local microbrewed beer. An earnest, hand-crafted sound. The most surprising thing? They definitely cranked the rockitude up a couple notches for their live act. Don't miss these guys if you get a chance to see them live.

A big special award goes out to "!!!" for the most wildly enthusiastic dancing seen yet. One of my most anticipated shows of the weekend, it was a colorful flurry of tambourines. These guys threw down a great live set--this band is a trip.

I also dropped by the Vera stage to check out the hip-hop showcase featuring Spaceman, State of the Artist, and Grynch. The stage was small and it wasn't easy to hear, but the crowd was really into it--they were partying harder here than at the main stage! I'm looking forward to seeing these guys at a dedicated gig.

photos by Bobby McHugh.

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