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International music afficianado Quantic aka Will Holland is set to release his latest record Dog with a Rope. Whether its Quantic or Quantic Soul Orchestra this dude knows how to make good music. Mishaps Happening his 2004 record remains one of my most favorite albums. On this record he blends latin sounds and even gets down to a bit of dub reggae. The album is streaming exclusively at NPR until its release on July 13th via Tru Thoughts. It is already recieving some pretty high praise:

Gilles Peterson: "He's at the forefront of a global sound."

Okayplayer: "Dog With A Rope is impressive work...Imagine Buena Vista Social Club doing reggae. Quite literally, that's what Dog With A Rope is."

NPR: "a Latin-infused reggae beat, stripped down to essentials and spice - no filler, only flavor."

Pretty impressive stuff. Check out a track off the record.

Buy: Get the record here.

1 interested person(s)

galatea. said... @ 6/29/2010 02:55:00 AM

thank you VERY much for such an awesome post. I am in love with Quantic especially 'time is the enemy'

quality music indeed xx


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