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The next up in the K7 records DJ-Kicks series is a personal favorite, Kode 9. Born Steve Goodman in Glasgow, Scotland, Kode 9 is a London-based electronic artist, DJ, and owner of the Hyperdub record label. His record Memories of the Future which he collaborated on with emcee, The Spaceape, is one of my favorites. Another fact about Kode 9 is that he has a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Warwick.

This track taken from his forthcoming DJ-KiCKS mix, Kode9's "You Don’t Wash"sums up his record as a collection of addictive sounds coming from a 4x4 kick drum pulse mixed with hi hats and marimba. It’s not that obvious that it’s a Kode9 production until the bass hits at around the two minute mark. Check it out.

Kode9- You Don't Wash (Dub) by !K7 Records

photo by Passetti

Buy: Record out soon. You can get it here.

1 interested person(s)

Mbop said... @ 6/18/2010 05:31:00 AM

Banging stuff!!

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