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Over the last week I’ve been really into this new Diskjokke album, En Fin Tid. Straight outta Oslo, Diskjokke aka Joachim Dyrdahl comes from the same scene that has produced Lindstrøm, Prins Thomas, and Todd Terje. And, you know, every time I listen to this album, I see this massive space station orbiting high above an alien purple planet. Vivid and fresh, cool and understated…the music weaves seamlessly between hints of 90s-era rave lines to futuristic discotheque grooves to minimalist computer love. This must be what chrome robots get funky to after a long day of pushing flashing buttons on stark-white mainframes. You can almost see them robo-partying in their glass-walled observation lounge.

Mp3: Diskjokke - "1987" (Radio Edit)

This magnificent album of space opera disco releases today on Smalltown Supersound. You can check out the album on iTunes here.

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