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All you hip-hop fans in Seattle will already be all on top of this, but the rest of you out there may not have heard the so-very-smoove flow of Helladope. Their first album, "Helladope" (self-titled AND aptly described) came out back in March and it's definitely worth checking out. You know, at times, it leans a little to the dance side--and that's what I like about it. Like a lot of the hip-hop bubbling up around here, it bends the rules.

Oh, and it looks like I missed the show, but I hear they opened for Snoop when he was in town to a sold-out crowd. Matson on Music's got a really nice writeup of the album, but seriously, if these tracks don't do it for you--what will?

Helladope - "Just So You Know"

Helladope - "Rainwater"

Very smoove.

The album is definitely worth picking up.

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