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So I picked up a copy of The Stranger this weekend on a pilgrimage to Old School Frozen Custard (it's custardy delicious) up here on Capital Hill in Seattle and I happened to catch Charles Mudede's Note by Node column on Renton's own farm-fresh hip-hop producer talent, 10-4 Rog. You should definitely give it a read--Charles does a great job of setting the stage of the current Seattle hip-hop scene and telling 10-4 Rog's story. And, you know, the kid's formidable--I say he backs up the buzz.

10-4 Rog has been releasing tracks over the last week or two--check them out.
10.4 rog - stakes is high by 104rog
For revering the gone and dead by 104rog

Bonus remix:
[remix] erykah badu - honey (10.4 rog quiet storm) by 104rog

photo by Amalia Aquino.

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