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What’s up with Cassius all of a sudden? The flowers are blooming, disco is in the air…and a couple of Cassius 1999 remixes have been getting attention lately. The French house legends originally released 1999 way back in, well, 1999—and just in the last few months, the title has gotten the remix touch from London-based DJ Tim Green and Reset!, the boomin’ Italian DJ/Producer collective.

The Tim Green remix keeps it housey while respecting the still unbelievably relevant original, and the Reset! mix takes a little bit to warm up before it gets straight funkay. All in all, strong work. Take a listen.
Cassius - 1999 (Tim Green Remix) by timgreen
Cassius 99 - RESET! REMIX by RESET!

Don’t know Cassius? Well, you should meet here.

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