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I apologize for the lack of posting. I am away on a business trip. Anyways I am excited to talk about today's record release by Daedelus on Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder Records. First off the album title is one of the most amazing I have heard in awhile Righteous Fists of Harmony conjures up some many images and is a great play on war and peace. What I have heard so far its fantastic.

The first single certainly has that lounge bossa nova sound that is great to relax to.
I would be remiss not to post what Daedelus himself said about the upcoming record. When I met him he was a really nice guy and came across as thoughtful and very caring you can see that from his discussion about album:

"I am quite proud that the days have passed and we've come to this; "Righteous Fists of Harmony" a record release from the powerful Brainfeeder label (Flying Lotus' imprint) was smoldering for sometime, and now has been released worldwide. You can find it through-out the digital world, as well on lush vinyl, but really I wanted to muse on the musical world in which we live.

It is at an extraordinary time that so much fantastic music can be created, distributed, and even so easily forgotten. So often my life has been changed by a mysterious 12" or inbox sent mp3, that I cannot fathom what someone is to do without 24 hours spent everyday on musical matter like I do. So to those who have spent a little time listening to myself, or better still the many many excellent musicians of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Glasgow, Manchester, Lyon, Rome, and on and on - thank you heartily. And may this or my next offering change your minutes, hours, or days; if just a little, for the better."

Its cool to see down to earth people that are so talented but are so enjoyable that you can't help but root for them to succeed. Well done again Alfred.

Buy: Get the record here (iTunes)

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