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RJD2 has been one of those artists I kind of lost track of. I went bananas about his first two albums (Deadringer & Since We Last Spoke) in college listening to them obsessively then just kind of started listening to other stuff and forgot about him and would listen to him hear and there. I have always remained a fan and I love that he is open to trying new sounds and his projects with rappers like MHz, Blueprint and Aceyalone.

He has a new record entitled The Colossus is due out in 2010. He has leaked a single that you should certainly check out.

Mp3: RJD2 feat. Kenna - "Games You Can Win"

2 interested person(s)

Zack said... @ 12/02/2009 11:34:00 PM

Aww why won't he just stop singing.

loved the first 2 albums. instrumental for third hand is legit.

Dannie A. said... @ 12/11/2009 07:04:00 AM

He isn't singing, it's Kenna. An amazing artist himself. I'm pretty excited about this album, I as well forgot. Anyways check out my music sometime http://onlifesupportmusic.bandcamp.com

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