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I have been anticipating more tracks for Jay Electronica for sometime. He and Just Blaze have finally released a quality version of their track "Exhibit C" (there have been various radio rips floating around for a minute). "Exhibit A (Transformations)" was pretty awesome...these two gentleman are making some great stuff and I am real excited for Jay's debut project. Check out what Filter/Wikipedia has to say about the project.

According to a Filter TV interview, Jay Electronica has partnered with Decon to release his debut project. It is being described as a multi-media release and footage from the project which was partially shot in Nepal and Dubai has begun to surface online. The first clip to leak is titled "Dear Moleskin" and can be found on here (the track was produced by Just Blaze and the clip was directed by Jason Goldwatch from Decon.
In June, Jay's "The Dogon Society" released "Exhibit A" digitally. This is "Exhibit C" and its real good. Excited about what this dude is bringing to hip hop. Check out the track.

Jay Electronica - "Exhibit C"

Buy: Get the EP along with the track and an instrumental here.

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